Shaping Sustainable Futures for Businesses in New Brunswick

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are the backbone of the New Brunswick economy, making up the majority of NB businesses, offering diverse employment opportunities, and playing a crucial role in the supply chains of large industries.

Yet, as the global conversation shifts towards rapid climate action and decarbonization, SMEs face significant challenges. With limited resources and expertise at their disposal, SMEs are at a critical juncture where they need to adapt and transition their businesses.

The evolving regulatory landscape presents both a challenge and an opportunity for SMEs: to not only comply with but to thrive under New Brunswick and Canada’s ambitious climate goals for 2030 and 2050. By greening their operations, SMEs will not only contribute to protecting the environment but also create new economic opportunities for themselves. 

Greening Horizon proposes a unique, collaborative approach
to supporting SMEs in this transition

Spring 2024

Setting the foundation for the entire project, a survey will be conducted to fulfill a research gap, set a baseline, and identify the most impactful focus areas and priorities moving forward.  

Fall 2024

A conference will bring together relevant stakeholders and decision-makers, providing a platform for knowledge exchange, networking, and capacity-building to support the ongoing efforts to green SMEs and supply chains in New Brunswick.

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Fall 2024

A year-long social innovation lab will support 30-35 multi-sectoral participants through the social innovation process: 

  • Ideation: Leveraging research and survey findings, generate and develop creative ideas and potential solutions. 
  • Design: Simplified solutions are tested, fostering valuable feedback and iteration. 
  • Scale: Evaluate prototypes to identify those with potential for broader impact.
This project is being delivered by Pond-Deshpande Centre’s (PDC) NouLAB in collaboration with Opportunities New Brunswick (ONB)
and the Government of Canada through the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA).